2011-05-27 Wouter VerhelstRemove double "it", and redundant information about...
2011-05-27 Wouter VerhelstModernize DEBUG macros, and make code -Wall -Werror...
2011-05-22 Alex BlighAdd nbd-trdump - utilty to dump traces
2011-05-22 Alex BlighAdd nbd-trdump - utilty to dump traces
2011-05-22 Alex BlighFix nbd-tester-client.tr properly
2011-05-22 Alex BlighDo not use sync_file_range
2011-05-22 Alex BlighMerge branch 'master' of git://nbd.git.sourceforge...
2011-05-22 Alex BlighUse nbd-tester-client.tr data with conformant MBD_CMD_F...
2011-05-22 Alex BlighChnage documentation for NBD_CMD_FLUSH again.
2011-05-21 Alex BlighAdd transaction log support and integrity test
2011-05-18 Alex Blighfix documentation of NBD_CMD_FLUSH
2011-05-18 Alex Blighcopy handle on all requests
2011-05-18 Alex Blighnbd-server: don't check length and offset on flush
2011-05-17 Alex BlighImplement support for flush, fua and rotational.
2011-05-17 Wouter VerhelstMerge branch 'alex'
2011-05-17 Wouter VerhelstMerge commit '085441290'
2011-05-17 Alex Blighwrite flags value to return to the rest of program...
2011-05-17 Alex BlighAdd 'do not fork' option
2011-05-17 Alex BlighAdd flush test
2011-05-17 Alex Blighmove NBD_FLAGS from cliserv.h to nbd.h as they will...
2011-05-17 Alex BlighUse flags for tests; introduce TEST_FLUSH
2011-05-17 Alex BlighMerge branch 'master' of git://nbd.git.sourceforge...
2011-05-17 Alex BlighImprove timing of tests; avoid wrapping tv_usec and...
2011-05-17 Wouter VerhelstHandle failed negotiation on modern socket
2011-05-17 Alex BlighAdd write test to test suite
2011-05-17 Alex BlighRemove compilation warnings and increase error checking...
2011-05-16 Wouter VerhelstFix lp[] initialization
2011-05-16 Alex Blighfix autogen.sh
2011-05-16 Alex BlighEnsure all options have option length
2011-05-11 Wouter VerhelstRelease 2.9.21a
2011-05-11 Wouter VerhelstAdd sh.tmpl to EXTRA_DIST so it won't break
2011-05-09 Wouter VerhelstRelease 2.9.21
2011-05-09 Wouter VerhelstFix 'make distcheck'
2011-05-09 Wouter VerhelstFix thinko
2011-05-04 Wouter VerhelstDon't forget the template, and ignore generated files
2011-04-13 Wouter VerhelstManpage generation revisited
2011-04-08 Wouter VerhelstDocumentation updates
2011-03-21 Wouter VerhelstFix dup_serve
2011-03-03 Wouter VerhelstFix memleak
2011-03-03 Wouter VerhelstFix inline usage
2011-02-27 Wouter VerhelstRequire C99
2011-02-13 Wouter VerhelstFix getopt usage
2011-02-12 Wouter VerhelstCheck return value of read_all in all cases
2011-02-12 Wouter VerhelstAssign a value to serve when using modern protocol
2011-01-28 Wouter VerhelstRelease 2.9.20
2011-01-28 Wouter VerhelstTest request blocks that are larger than 1MB, too.
2011-01-28 Wouter VerhelstFix handling of oversized requests
2011-01-27 Wouter VerhelstFix buffer size checking
2011-01-26 Wouter VerhelstRemove outdated roadmap
2011-01-16 Wouter VerhelstRelease 2.9.19
2010-12-15 sf@psjt.org10 TByte partition
2010-09-30 Gregory Thiemongenbd-server: Limit the number of connections
2010-09-08 Wouter VerhelstPut nbd-client back in sbin
2010-09-07 Laurent VivierMove man files to man/
2010-09-02 Wouter VerhelstRevisit documentation
2010-08-26 Laurent VivierRemove GCC warnings:
2010-08-24 Wouter VerhelstBe less scary
2010-08-19 Wouter VerhelstOops
2010-08-19 LedREADME: nbX -> nbdX
2010-08-19 Ledinclude sdp_inet.h for build with SDP
2010-08-19 Wouter Verhelstfix build with non-gcc compiler
2010-08-09 Wouter VerhelstRelease 2.9.18
2010-08-09 Wouter VerhelstExtend test suite and fix named exports
2010-08-06 Wouter VerhelstComment out <linux/types.h> include
2010-08-06 Wouter VerhelstUse a recent enough version of nbd.h (oops)
2010-08-06 Wouter VerhelstRelease 2.9.17
2010-08-06 Wouter VerhelstDocument differences with old style exports
2010-08-06 Wouter VerhelstFix simple_test for named exports
2010-08-05 Wouter VerhelstFix command-line oldstyle export
2010-08-04 Wouter VerhelstUse IANA-assigned port number: 10809
2010-07-28 Wouter VerhelstSanitize negotiation a bit
2010-07-28 Wouter VerhelstDocumentation updates
2010-07-27 Wouter VerhelstMerge branch 'master' into names
2010-07-27 Wouter VerhelstMention two-dash form of long options
2010-07-27 Wouter VerhelstReturn the right value on nbd-client -c
2010-07-27 Wouter VerhelstFix a host/network order bug
2010-07-27 Wouter VerhelstFunctional fixes
2010-07-27 Wouter VerhelstDocumentation update
2010-07-27 Wouter VerhelstActually disable oldstyle export when requested
2010-07-27 Wouter VerhelstUse a different magic
2010-07-27 Wouter VerhelstInitial implementation of named exports
2010-07-26 Wouter VerhelstFix segfault
2010-07-25 Wouter VerhelstDocumentation update
2010-07-25 Wouter VerhelstPrepare for 2.9.16
2010-07-25 Wouter VerhelstMake -Wall clean
2010-07-24 Wouter VerhelstAdd nbd.h to source
2010-07-24 Wouter VerhelstGenerate nbd-client.8.in, too
2010-07-24 Wouter VerhelstWhitespace fixes
2010-07-24 Wouter VerhelstRemove cruft
2010-07-24 Wouter VerhelstImprove structure
2010-07-22 Wouter VerhelstFix compile with -DNOFORK
2010-07-21 Wouter VerhelstFix logic reversal in authorization file
2010-06-18 Wouter VerhelstDeprecate command line export options.
2010-06-18 Wouter VerhelstWhitespace fix
2010-06-14 Wouter VerhelstUse correct names
2010-05-20 Wouter VerhelstFix bugs in command-line argument handling
2010-05-03 Wouter VerhelstFix leaks
2010-04-14 Wouter VerhelstImprove output
2010-04-01 Wouter VerhelstMissed a bit
2010-04-01 Wouter VerhelstDocumentation update