Modernize DEBUG macros, and make code -Wall -Werror clean
[nbd.git] / nbd-client.c
2011-05-27 Wouter VerhelstModernize DEBUG macros, and make code -Wall -Werror...
2011-05-17 Alex BlighImplement support for flush, fua and rotational.
2010-12-15 sf@psjt.org10 TByte partition
2010-08-26 Laurent VivierRemove GCC warnings:
2010-08-19 Ledinclude sdp_inet.h for build with SDP
2010-08-19 Wouter Verhelstfix build with non-gcc compiler
2010-07-28 Wouter VerhelstSanitize negotiation a bit
2010-07-27 Wouter VerhelstMerge branch 'master' into names
2010-07-27 Wouter VerhelstReturn the right value on nbd-client -c
2010-07-27 Wouter VerhelstFunctional fixes
2010-07-27 Wouter VerhelstUse a different magic
2010-07-27 Wouter VerhelstInitial implementation of named exports
2010-07-26 Wouter VerhelstFix segfault
2010-07-25 Wouter VerhelstDocumentation update
2010-07-25 Wouter VerhelstMake -Wall clean
2010-07-24 Wouter VerhelstWhitespace fixes
2010-07-24 Wouter VerhelstImprove structure
2010-07-22 Wouter VerhelstFix compile with -DNOFORK
2010-05-20 Wouter VerhelstFix bugs in command-line argument handling
2010-03-24 Neutron SoutmunBug#382189: IPv6 support
2009-10-16 Wouter VerhelstDocument why this is necessary.
2009-10-15 Wouter VerhelstPut the -nofork check on the right spot
2009-08-19 Wouter VerhelstRemove dead code
2009-08-04 Wouter VerhelstMake incorrect use of timeout fail.
2009-06-08 Wouter VerhelstDon't try working on partitions
2009-05-26 Wouter VerhelstActually go daemon
2009-05-24 Wouter VerhelstDocument -noswap option
2009-05-24 ciprianHacked nbd-client.c to include a flag -nofork, that...
2009-05-15 Milos Jakubicekmore user-friendly error message
2009-01-03 Wouter VerhelstChange meaning of -swap option
2008-04-02 yoer332: open() the device upon connecting after a fork...
2008-03-31 yoer331: Add code to detect whether a device is connected
2007-10-22 yoer291: make the build work, again
2007-10-17 yoer289: Add experimental support for the SDP protocol
2007-08-25 snitmr281: Revised nbd-client timeout support
2007-08-25 snitmr280: Revert recent nbd-client timeout changes; revised...
2007-08-24 yoer279: * Mention -persist in nbd-client manpage
2007-08-14 yoer274: Patch by Corey Minyard to set a device read-only...
2007-03-03 yoer243: Merge r242
2006-03-30 yoer154: Fix segfault
2006-03-30 yoer153: Add support for persistent connections (reconnect...
2005-10-25 yoer113: GCC4 warning fixes
2004-05-23 yoer65: Clean up LFS defines
2004-05-17 yoer63: Code style cleanup
2004-04-21 yoer54: - Unbreak compilation
2004-02-18 yoer50: Whoops. This actually had to be committed to the...
2004-02-11 yoer49: Doxygenified the source, and started modularizing...
2003-08-21 yoer33: use PACKAGE_VERSION to determine what version...
2002-09-11 yoer22: Reap zombies; make errormsg bit more helpful when...
2002-03-25 rohanr21: Client and server version both set to 2.0 so...
2001-02-28 pavelr9: Support for changing blocksize.
2000-10-27 pavelr3: Initial revision