Add nbd-trdump manpage
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2011-05-28 Alex BlighAdd nbd-trdump manpage
2011-05-21 Alex BlighAdd transaction log support and integrity test
2011-05-17 Alex BlighImplement support for flush, fua and rotational.
2011-05-11 Wouter VerhelstRelease 2.9.21a
2011-05-09 Wouter VerhelstRelease 2.9.21
2011-04-13 Wouter VerhelstManpage generation revisited
2011-04-08 Wouter VerhelstDocumentation updates
2011-02-27 Wouter VerhelstRequire C99
2011-01-28 Wouter VerhelstRelease 2.9.20
2011-01-16 Wouter VerhelstRelease 2.9.19
2010-09-07 Laurent VivierMove man files to man/
2010-08-09 Wouter VerhelstRelease 2.9.18
2010-08-06 Wouter VerhelstRelease 2.9.17
2010-07-25 Wouter VerhelstPrepare for 2.9.16
2010-07-24 Wouter VerhelstAdd nbd.h to source
2010-03-24 Wouter VerhelstRelease 2.9.15
2009-10-17 Wouter VerhelstPrepare for 2.9.14
2009-07-09 Wouter VerhelstPrepare for 2.9.13
2009-04-30 Wouter Verhelstversion number
2009-04-30 Wouter VerhelstMore build fixes
2009-01-01 Wouter VerhelstBuild system fixes and documentation
2008-05-15 yoer336: Cut out klcc usage. It's broken, silly to even...
2008-05-04 yoer335: Allow disabling of klcc
2008-03-17 yoer329: Wasn't supposed to be part of this commit
2008-03-17 yoer328: Oops, don't forget to change this number
2008-03-14 yoer319: Merge from trunk
2007-10-26 yoer299: Make -Werror work again
2007-10-26 yoer298: Oops
2007-10-26 yoer297: Fix stupid errors
2007-10-17 yoer289: Add experimental support for the SDP protocol
2007-09-19 yoer286: Oops, version number shouldn't be in subversion
2007-09-19 yoer285: Move first do_run command up slightly
2007-07-08 yoer262: Add a debugging switch on the cmdline
2007-06-04 yoer255: Oops
2007-06-04 yoer254: Don't include symlinks to stuff which might be...
2007-01-24 yoer232: * Try and fix the test for NBD_H
2006-12-27 yoer230: Add test for even more recent kernels
2006-12-27 yoer228: Fix detection of host system, patch by Mike Frysi...
2006-11-06 yoer216: Update copyright notice
2006-10-23 yoer202: Documentation update
2006-10-17 yoer196: Allow compiling against Linux 2.6.18 nbd.h
2006-06-06 yoer165: Remove outdated comments
2006-03-10 yoer152: It's subversion now.
2005-10-27 yoer123: Make this version-agnostic
2005-10-25 yoer115: Add doxygen file
2005-02-16 yoer104: Unbreak VPATH builds; release rc2
2005-02-16 yoer103: Check for the right symbols in nbd.h by compiling...
2005-01-23 yoer101: version number
2005-01-19 yoer97: Make --enable-lfs non-optional. It's silly to...
2004-11-15 yoer85: Add AM_MAINTAINER_MODE for my own sanity
2004-10-14 yoer80: Make it compile again
2004-06-27 yoer75: Portability: include <sys/param.h> before checking...
2004-06-27 yoer74: * Added checks for GLib (not used yet, but will...
2004-06-20 yoer73: Fix AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE to not have any arguments
2004-05-23 yoer64: Add missing closing bracket
2004-04-23 yoer55: Rename to, and remove...