Remove double "it", and redundant information about defaults
[nbd.git] / simple_test
2011-05-21 Alex BlighAdd transaction log support and integrity test
2011-05-17 Alex BlighImplement support for flush, fua and rotational.
2011-05-17 Alex BlighAdd flush test
2011-05-17 Alex BlighImprove timing of tests; avoid wrapping tv_usec and...
2011-05-17 Alex BlighAdd write test to test suite
2011-01-28 Wouter VerhelstTest request blocks that are larger than 1MB, too.
2010-08-09 Wouter VerhelstExtend test suite and fix named exports
2010-08-06 Wouter VerhelstFix simple_test for named exports
2009-12-15 Wouter VerhelstFix 'make -j check'
2009-08-14 Wouter VerhelstPatches from Debian
2009-04-30 Wouter VerhelstMore build fixes
2008-06-18 yoer337: Check multi-file export in 'make check', too...
2007-10-17 yoer288: Don't forget to kill nbd-server the second time...
2007-07-19 yoer266: mktemp provides an absolute path...
2007-07-19 yoer265: Check whether the program runs with a config...
2006-12-27 yoer222: * Clean up temporary files after we quit
2006-11-06 yoer219: Support checking on devel builds, too.
2006-11-06 yoer218: Err, do it at the right place :)
2006-11-06 yoer217: Make sure no config file is unadvertently parsed...
2006-11-01 yoer213: Install nbd-tester-client as a test suite