Remove double "it", and redundant information about defaults
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2011-05-22 Alex BlighAdd nbd-trdump - utilty to dump traces
2011-05-21 Alex BlighAdd transaction log support and integrity test
2011-05-17 Alex BlighAdd flush test
2011-05-17 Alex BlighAdd write test to test suite
2011-01-28 Wouter VerhelstTest request blocks that are larger than 1MB, too.
2010-09-08 Wouter VerhelstPut nbd-client back in sbin
2010-09-07 Laurent VivierMove man files to man/
2010-08-09 Wouter VerhelstExtend test suite and fix named exports
2010-07-24 Wouter VerhelstAdd nbd.h to source
2009-04-30 Wouter VerhelstMore build fixes
2009-04-30 Wouter VerhelstFix build system
2009-01-03 Wouter VerhelstAvoid i18n when we don't need it
2008-06-18 yoer337: Check multi-file export in 'make check', too...
2008-05-15 yoer336: Cut out klcc usage. It's broken, silly to even...
2008-03-17 yoer328: Oops, don't forget to change this number
2008-03-14 yoer319: Merge from trunk
2007-06-04 yoer255: Oops
2007-06-04 yoer254: Don't include symlinks to stuff which might be...
2006-12-27 yoer224: Distribute INSTALL and simple_test, too
2006-11-01 yoer213: Install nbd-tester-client as a test suite
2006-11-01 yoer212: We've been using svn since quite a while now
2006-10-23 yoer202: Documentation update
2006-09-21 yoer185: Build/documentation fixes from Phillip Hellewell
2006-08-05 yoer176: Add CodingStyle document
2006-05-01 yoer160: Remove duplicate noinst_PROGRAMS
2006-03-09 yoer150: Build, but do not install, nbd-tester-client
2006-01-31 yoer146: Fix SNAFU
2006-01-31 yoer145: * Improve error handling
2005-01-19 yoer98: Distribute manpages, do not generate them on every...
2004-12-17 yoer94: Mimick updates to 2.7 branch
2004-11-15 yoer88: Add lfs.h to EXTRA_DIST, to make both 'make distch...
2004-06-27 yoer74: * Added checks for GLib (not used yet, but will...
2004-01-28 yoer46: Whoops
2004-01-27 yoer43: Switched to using automake instead of a home-grown...