Remove double "it", and redundant information about defaults
[nbd.git] / .gitignore
2011-05-04 Wouter VerhelstDon't forget the template, and ignore generated files
2011-04-08 Wouter VerhelstDocumentation updates
2010-07-24 Wouter VerhelstAdd nbd.h to source
2010-07-24 Wouter VerhelstRemove cruft
2009-01-01 Wouter VerhelstPrepare for releases
2008-12-27 Wouter VerhelstDon't track .o files
2008-03-14 yoer319: Merge from trunk
2007-07-08 yoer263: Ignore generated manpage nbd-server.5
2007-01-30 yoer236: Ignore more stuff, and don't forget to add the...
2006-09-21 yoer186: Add more ignored stuff, as suggested by Phillip...
2004-10-14 yoer81: Ignore generated files