2012-09-11 Alex BlighAdd support to pass in a socket master
2012-09-10 Alex BlighImprove daemonize - fix trac issue 178, debian bug...
2012-09-10 Alex BlighAdd provision for XML parameters on the command line...
2012-08-11 Michael JumperBump to version 0.6.1
2012-06-10 Michael JumperUpdated changelog
2012-05-25 Michael JumperUpdate options in README.
2012-05-25 Michael JumperUpdate manpage, fix usage string printf.
2012-05-25 Michael JumperStyle fixes, fix usage string.
2012-05-25 David PHAM-VANAdd foreground option to daemon
2012-05-05 Michael JumperFixed ChangeLog
2012-05-05 Michael JumperBumping to version 0.6.0
2012-05-05 Michael JumperUpdated ChangeLog
2012-04-30 Michael JumperFixed site URL.
2012-03-16 Michael JumperPull logging prefix from program name from argv[0]
2012-03-16 Michael JumperChanged non-errors to info.
2012-03-16 Michael JumperRemove unnecessary newline from log messages.
2012-03-16 Michael JumperUse args list only once. Probably better to use an...
2012-03-16 Michael JumperUse guacd_log_*() for all logging. Replace use of syslo...
2012-03-16 Michael JumperNew logging functions which log to both syslog and...
2012-03-13 Michael JumperUse new form of guac_client_plugin_get_client().
2012-03-01 Michael JumperRestrict addresses returned for bind, improve logging.
2012-02-23 Michael JumperLICENSE should be included in source.
2011-12-25 Michael JumperMigrated to namespaced RUNNING state.
2011-12-22 Michael JumperAdded man/guacd.8 to EXTRA_DIST
2011-12-21 Michael JumperBumped version numbers to 0.5.0.
2011-12-11 Michael JumperUpdated changelog.
2011-12-11 Michael JumperUpdated README to point to new Trac.
2011-12-11 Michael JumperAdded manpage.
2011-12-11 Michael JumperAdded -b option to specify bind address, using getaddri...
2011-12-06 Michael JumperRenamed function, removed now unnecessary thread data...
2011-12-06 Michael JumperRemoved thread.*, using pthreads directly. More renamin...
2011-12-06 Michael JumperMoved guac_client_stop() back into libguac
2011-11-30 Michael JumperLog PID, remove support for lack-of-fork, update #defin...
2011-11-28 Michael JumperRemoving forced sleep between message handling. Can...
2011-11-28 Michael JumperSet guac_error* before calling client handlers
2011-11-28 Michael JumperMore logging
2011-11-28 Michael JumperUsing guac_error_message
2011-11-27 Michael JumperInit logging handlers in client.
2011-11-27 Michael JumperAdditional logging, moderate cleanup.
2011-11-27 Michael JumperCorrected includes
2011-11-26 Michael JumperFixed double free (free'd wrong pointer)
2011-11-26 Michael JumperChanged libguac check function to one that still exists.
2011-11-26 Michael JumperAdded logging to daemon.
2011-11-26 Michael JumperDocumentation
2011-11-26 Michael JumperFlush args instruction.
2011-11-26 Michael JumperRenamed io to socket (in vars)
2011-11-26 Michael JumperPartial conversion to new logging, API, and naming...
2011-11-25 Michael JumperAdded logging to client threads
2011-11-25 Michael JumperMigration to new guac_read_instruction(), remove use...
2011-11-23 Michael JumperMigrated to new function defs with timeouts.
2011-11-23 Michael JumperMoved thread API from libguac.
2011-11-23 Michael JumperMoved daemon functions from libguac
2011-08-10 Michael JumperRemoved unused file.
2011-07-14 Michael JumperRemoving win32 from guacd. Too heavy.
2011-07-12 Michael JumperIf fork()ing, parent process must close child's socket...
2011-06-03 Michael JumperAdded Default-Start/Stop to init.d script.
2011-05-27 Michael JumperUpdated version numbers to 0.4.0
2011-04-22 Michael JumperFixed pointer warnings on POSIX and win32
2011-04-21 Michael JumperWorking win32 port
2011-03-25 Michael JumperAdded -Werror -Wall -pedantic
2011-03-20 Michael JumperUse fork for connection handlers (preferrably), fix...
2011-03-20 Michael JumperUsing new log functions
2011-03-19 Michael JumperIgnore SIGPIPE (force checking of EPIPE instead).
2011-03-19 Michael JumperDetach main thread.
2011-03-02 Michael JumperAdded license block to
2011-03-02 Michael JumperAdded license block to
2011-03-01 Michael JumperActual docs in README
2011-03-01 Michael JumperRemoved unused files, switched to foreign over GNU
2011-03-01 Michael JumperAdded entry to ChangeLog
2011-02-28 Michael JumperRemoved dependency on LSB - script should now work...
2011-02-28 Michael JumperAdding to EXTRA_DIST
2011-02-28 Michael JumperAdding support for LSB try-restart
2011-02-28 Michael JumperRemoved reference to sysconfig
2011-02-28 Michael JumperWorking LSB startup script.
2011-02-22 Michael JumperMigrating to new version number system
2011-02-16 Michael JumperChanging to MPL/GPL/LGPL tri-license
2011-02-11 Michael JumperFixed fork() detection
2011-02-11 Michael JumperCleaned up daemon.c
2011-02-10 Michael JumperThread support for MinGW32
2011-02-10 Michael JumperCross-platform close socket macro, init winsock if...
2011-02-09 Michael JumperAllow compile even if fork() and pthreads not present.
2011-01-21 Michael JumperCalling setsockopt to allow reuse of socket.
2010-12-18 Michael Jumperguacd should fork self into background, like any self...
2010-12-18 Michael JumperMoving to sbin
2010-12-17 Michael JumperAdding package descriptor for build system
2010-12-14 Michael JumperUpdated .gitignore
2010-12-08 Michael JumperMore renaming